Monday, January 26, 2015


We had the opportunity to take a semi load of wheat and honey to Arizona. My dad (Dave), my mom (Julie), my cute brother Jace and also my husband Travis all made the trip. After I heard all the fun stories it sounded more like a vacation then work. ;)  The semi left on Thursday but Jace had a basketball game he wanted to play in so they all left at 5am Friday morning. They arrived in Heber around 4 where Tiffani had set up the drop off.  They spent the next 2 hours meeting everyone and helping people with their wheat orders. From there they went to Mesa to stay the night. My dad has this idea that if you just show up at a hotel they will just have a room for you.  So after a few stops they final found a place to stay. Travis said they got a good laugh out of it.
Early the next morning they were on their way to JoAnn's house. They spent another 2 hours meeting and helping people with their wheat and honey. I think that is my dad's favorite part, he love meeting people and hearing there stories. I know my mom loves it because she just loves visiting with people. From there they when to Holly's in Queen Creek AZ and spent another 2 hours visiting and helping. My husband is nice but not much of a people person and he even said how much he enjoyed the people in Arizona. Travis wants to retire and move somewhere, he came home and said he wanted to move there. We will see we have a few years yet till we can retire.
We want to send a special thank you to all the people in ARIZONA. Thanks for your support your and your kindness. Thanks to Tiffani, JoAnn, Linda and Holly.

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  1. Haha! Just now seeing this... its almost nostalgic now! Arizona is so amazing, the kindness of happiness of the people was what first captured my heart as well (well... after the red rocky mountains and Dr. Seuss looking vegetation).